Billing Procedures

Workplace Safety Insurance

As a worker, you can claim benefits for a work-related accident or illness if you receive health care, and/or lost time or wages from work beyond the day of accident/illness or continued to work but on partial hours only. If you had to do different work due to the accident/ illness for more than seven days and did not see a health professional, you can also make a claim.

How to file a claim for WSIB benefits

  1. Report your injury or illness to the WSIB (Form 6):

A form 6 tells WSIB the details of what happened to cause the injury or illness and provides WSIB with information they need to make decisions regarding your claim.

  1. Consent to release your functional abilities information to your employer:

Your functional abilities information is non-medical information from the health care professional treating you. It tells you and your employer what kinds of work activities your illness or injury permits. Without this consent, you cannot claim benefits.

For more information, check out the WSIB Website »


What North Ajax Rehab & Sports Injury Clinic completes

When you come in for an assessment for a work injury, your treating therapist completes the appropriate Health Professionals Report. We send this report to WSIB for approval. Once WSIB approves treatment, we book your appointments according to the treatment plan.


There is no cost to patients suffering from a workplace injury approved by WSIB. Treatment services are billed directly to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

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